How Knotwood Supports Sustainability and a Healthy Earth

The term sustainability is now commonplace across the country and around the world. Sustainability is using natural, economic, and social resources at a rate they can successfully replenish themselves. Today, sustainability is a top priority of many industry and consumer decisions. According to Statista (, 45 percent of U.S. consumers want to find environmentally responsible brands. At Knotwood, green and eco-friendly practices and products are a significant part of our work.

Sustainability is Sensible

Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and infinitely recyclable. It saves energy in production, transportation, and recycling. Seventy-five percent of aluminum ever created is still in use today. Knotwood is an aluminum building product designed not only to look and feel like traditional wood but to withstand the test of time.

New aluminum created in North America is less than half as carbon intensive as it was 30 years ago, with strides being made to reduce this number further. This viable metal is naturally a resilient, durable, and sustainable product with 100 percent recyclability. It is lighter than steel, so less goes further and keeps transport costs down.

We even apply our coatings in an environmentally low-impacting station. These specialized powder coatings are free of volatile organic compounds, making them more eco-efficient than many alternative products.

Resilience is Key

Knotwood aluminum building products have upwards of a 40-year lifespan when comparing the longevity of various building materials. A typical wood structure would have to be replaced twice within that time.

Natural rainfall is usually enough to keep Knotwood clean and looking new. This feature removes the need for environmentally harmful and costly paints, stains, cleaning supplies, and other chemicals that are proven toxic to the air, water, and earth.

Immune to rot, insect damage, warping, fire, and corrosion, Knotwood is a prime building material for resiliency, style and safety. It provides you peace of mind, knowing your

Recycling Helps Everyone

Aluminum has one of the highest metal recycling rates, requiring only five percent of the initial energy needed to create it. The circularity of Knotwood products implies no actual end of life for the material. Our products are eternally recyclable.

We develop a percentage of Knotwood using post-consumer recycled material. This process leads to virtually no waste traveling to the landfills and fewer natural resources consumed to develop new products. Knotwood also reuses scrap metal created during manufacturing by reintroducing it into the process and using it for additional products, minimizing our waste and maximizing our efficiency.

Because We Care

Sustainability is an essential factor for the longevity of any system, especially that of our planet. By making a sustainable and eco-friendly product that is high-quality and low maintenance, our efforts pay off for the earth and our customers. We are proud of the lengths we have gone to ensure a reliable, durable, and quality product for our customers and a sustainable process for our environment.

You can find more information about our green policy and commitment to environmentally friendly production here. For any questions or to get quotes and samples, reach out to our Knotwood experts in your area!