Knotwood US Back Under Global Ownership.


We are pleased to announce a significant development in our partnership dynamics. After four years of a fruitful collaboration, Omnimax and Knotwood have amicably decided to part ways, each embarking on independent strategic trajectories.

This conclusion is marked by gratitude and mutual respect. Effective immediately, Knotwood USA, a subsidiary of Knotwood Australia, will assume the role of the direct contact and supplier for the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Keeping our product American-made ensures quality assurance, supports local communities by creating jobs and bolstering small businesses, fosters transparency and trust through ethical practices, reduces carbon emissions with a smaller environmental footprint, offers customization and flexibility, appeals to patriotic sentiment by preserving American manufacturing traditions, and ensures supply chain resilience in the face of global disruptions.

Our commitment to a seamless transition is underscored by dedicated resources aimed at elevating your Knotwood experience. Our passion lies in cultivating mutually rewarding partnerships that yield aesthetically pleasing outcomes for your stakeholders and community. Anchored in a commitment to people, the planet, and philanthropy, we express our sincere thanks for your continued support. Anticipate an enhanced collaboration, poised to yield even more remarkable results.