Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Knotwood Dealer.

With available Dealer opportunities in the USA and Canada, Knotwood is on track to continue supported and measured expansion, providing a proven business opportunity for new Dealers. Being a Dealer means being part of the Knotwood family, part of a tight circle of our best customers. Not only does this come with some obvious service benefits, but you have the full power of the Knotwood marketing machine working for your business. The same machine that has grown our business from a small family operation to the global leader in wood-grain aluminum systems.

Of course, a service like this is not unlimited. We can only have a limited number of Dealers at any one time. It’s the only way to ensure that we can deliver on the level of service our dealers deserve.

Follow these three simple steps to kick-start the process of becoming a brand new Knotwood Dealer:

Simply complete an inquiry form. Await a phone call from one of our service members to discuss your options. Once you have spoken with our representative and have come to a mutually agreed level of interest, you are then welcome to proceed with the application process. This involves steps such as: Profile testing, Interviews, Completion of a comprehensive Dealer application form.

Full Training Provided

A Knotwood Dealer receives a full start-up training program either on site or at one of our training facilities. This training covers key areas of practical/operational instruction, management, marketing and accounting.

Operational manuals and guides are also provided, in addition to full support from the Knotwood head office Operations team. Training is also continued through the length of the partnership to assist with any issues and concerns encountered to ensure a smooth partnership.

Marketing Support

Knotwood will undertake targeted marketing to generate leads in your area through:

Google AdWords Specifically designed to capture relevant leads to be passed along to you for your service area

Provide links between your website and your Knotwood Page helping to generate traffic to your business.

Offer an Ad Kit of materials for local marketing efforts (PDFs of full color ads, B/W ads, radio script, content to add onto your website)